How Will Needing Fire and Water Restoration Affect My Home and My Family?

Learn what to expect when you’re needing fire and water restoration. Why might you be needing fire AND water restoration services at the same time? Because water is used to put out a fire, and often times it’s a lot of water, which can cause more damage than the fire itself. Now that you areRead more

6 Things Everyone Should Know About Filing Fire Insurance Claims

Is filing fire insurance claims really the nightmare it seems to be? If you’re dealing with fire and smoke damage, you’re likely also dealing with filing fire insurance claims. They can be a bit overwhelming, but they don’t have to be the nightmare everyone assumes they are. With some simple advice, you too can surviveRead more

Why There’s Water Damage After a Fire: The ABC’s of Fire Damage Restoration

What are some of the biggest concerns during fire damage restoration? Fire damage restoration can include many steps, all of which can depend on the type of fire and the extent of the damage. A professional can come in and assess the situation and have a pretty clear picture of both. Many times some ofRead more

5 Things Nobody Tells You When You Need Fire and Water Damage Restoration

Do you think you know enough to be prepared when you need fire and water damage restoration? The good news is that people who need fire and water damage restoration are in the minority. It’s not one of those things that just happens every day, and if you’re lucky, it’s something you won’t ever have toRead more

4 Ways Fire and Water Damage Restoration Could Be Your Best Friend

Don’t hate fire and water damage restoration. Fire damage is bad news. It can not only be a huge hassle to deal with, but the fact that you have fire damage in the first place can leave you feeling vulnerable and victimized, even if it was just an accident. So how do you get pastRead more

A Quick Guide to Water and Fire Restoration

So you’re sitting around on a stormy summer day, wondering about water and fire restoration, right? Ok, maybe not. But stormy summer days can be the cause of both water damage, from flooding, and fire damage, from lightning strikes. And though those aren’t the only, or even most common causes of water and fire damage,Read more

Emergency Prep: Top 3 Tips From Restoration Companies

Restoration companies see the worst of the worst when it comes to disasters and their affects on people and their homes and their lives. What they’ll tell you is that being prepared can help you come through it, even if the disaster hits right at home. Here are their top 3 tips from restoration companiesRead more

2 False Facts About Fire and Water Damage Everyone Thinks Are True

Fire and water don’t seem to go together, but after a fire, there certainly is damage from both. Firefighters use large amounts of water to extinguish big fires and the water can often do as much damage as the fire. So besides the fact that fire and water actually do go together, here are 2Read more

The ABC’s of Fire and Water Restoration Services in Alpharetta

Three of the most common reasons for disaster restoration are water, fire and smoke. When disaster strikes your home, understanding fire and water restoration services will help give you peace of mind as you move through the process of rebuilding your home and your life. Water Water damage can come from something as simple asRead more

Top Fire and Water Restoration Tips From Atlanta Experts

The damage to a home or business from fire or water damage can be devastating. The cleanup can be daunting. But when the fire is out or the flow of water stopped, it’s time to deal with the damage. Experts have some great advice for cleanup time. Safety First Fire and water, either from aRead more