How Soon Can I Move Back into My House after Clean Up from Fire Damage?

Learn what happens during and after clean up from fire damage. Are you facing cleanup from fire damage? A fire in your home is practically unthinkable, but if it happens, it’s certain your life will be changed forever. Fire is devastating and heartbreaking, terrifying and dangerous, emotional and life-altering. No matter how large or howRead more

3 Amazing Facts about Fire Restoration Services. # 3 Will Shock You!

What are the benefits of fire restoration services? While it’s true that a house fire can be an extremely difficult and overwhelming experience, professional fire restoration companies are available to help you deal with the aftermath. When fire damage is the result of fire in our home—one of the scariest and most devastating events weRead more

Why Proper Fire Damage Repairs Are Crucial to Your Business

Here’s why professional fire damage repairs are essential in your recovery. Hiring professional fire damage repair is key to fully recovering from a disaster. Your business may be in shambles, your workers may be shaken or injured and you’re mind is already thinking about the effects to your five-year plan. You have every reason inRead more

Cool and Clever Tricks Fire Restoration Companies Use When Dealing with Fire Damage

What can fire restoration companies do that I can’t? The real reason fire restoration companies are in business is to help homeowners when there’s a disaster. Can you imagine trying to cleanup after a fire without any help, assistance, or expertise? There are so many things that go into cleaning up after fire damage, andRead more

If You Had Fire Damage, What Would You Do? Here’s a List

Got fire damage and not sure what to do? Fire damage can come quickly and without warning. It happens fast and can do so much damage in such a short amount of time, it can make your head spin, and leave you feeling out of control and overwhelmed. The sooner you follow the steps below,Read more

Can You Really Prepare for an Emergency When Fire Damage to Your House Is Likely?

Preparing for fire damage to your house isn’t a futile effort, even if the disaster is unavoidable. Understanding emergency preparation and preparation for dealing with fire damage are not mutually exclusive. But it begets the question, can you prepare for an emergency, including dealing with the aftermath, if the fire is unavoidable? The answer isRead more

New Fire Damage Restoration Tips and Tactics You Should Know

Just in case… are you prepared with these fire damage restoration tips? There’s really only one reason you will ever need fire damage restoration tips. And if you are the victim of a fire, it’s good to be informed, it’s important to be knowledgeable, and it’s necessary for you to be able to operate and continueRead more

3 Must Haves Before Embarking on Fire Damage Cleaning

Make this list, and check it twice, before starting fire damage cleaning. Have you ever been the victim of a fire? If yes, you know what it’s like to deal with the aftermath. If no, we’re here to tell you, it’s no picnic. But with the right information and the right tools, you can getRead more

How Fire Insurance Claims Aren’t as Bad as You Think

Fire insurance claims can be awesome. Here’s how. Ack! Insurance! That’s a pretty common reaction when the topic of insurance comes up. But what would we do without it? Especially if a disaster hits your home. There are a lot of reasons we need insurance, and a lot of reasons fire insurance claims specifically aren’tRead more

How to Keep Your Cool When Facing Fire Damage Clean Up

You really can go through fire damage clean up and still keep your sanity. Fire damage clean up? That is not something anyone wants to go through. Fires are scary and devastating and can take away your sense of security. And dealing with the aftermath can be a nightmare, unless you do it the rightRead more