2 Storm Damage Services You May Have Heard of, and 1 You Haven’t

What do you need to know about storm damage services? When the weather turns nasty, storm damage services could be in your future. You may be familiar with some common storm damage services, but if you haven’t had damage from bad weather before, you might be surprised by all of the ways you could needRead more

What’s the Most Common Type of Storm Damage Repair in the Spring and Summer?

Storm damage repair is often a common part of summer. One of the necessary evils of spring and summer is storm damages repair. Damage to your home and property isn’t just relegated to winter, it’s often worse in the warmer months. When we think of storm damage our minds often go straight to flooding butRead more

4 Ways Storm Damages Restoration Is Better than Ever

How can storm damages restoration help get your life back to normal? Storm damages restoration is sometimes needed after a weather event, both for the sake of handling repairs and to prevent further damage. Second to a quality insurance policy, they’re one of the most important investments you can make in protecting your home andRead more

A Glimpse Into the Job of Storm Damage Specialists in Atlanta

What do storm damage specialists in Atlanta do, anyway? Have you ever wondered what a day in the life of might look like? When a big storm pushes through leaving a mess of damage in its wake, the first people on the scene to help are the folks that specialize in storm damage restoration. YouRead more

The Best Information You Can Get From Playing 20 Questions with a Storm Damage Specialist

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The Marietta, GA Philosophy of Storm Damage Repair

Everyone has a philosophy. When it comes to storm damage repair, you want to pick the company whose philosophy aligns with your needs. Here are some things to keep in mind. Emergency Response? Yes, Please! 24-hour emergency response is a must when it comes to storm damage repair. Since damage from different types of stormsRead more

Wind Damage Facts, and Why They Matter

The windiest place on Earth is in Antarctica. Winds of over 320 km/hour have been recorded there. Even though we don’t live in Antarctica, there are still some wind damage facts we should all be aware of because, believe it or not, wind damage is not uncommon. Fact #1: Different Winds Cause Different Wind DamageRead more

The Top 4 Things Dorothy Would Say About Wind Damage and Wind Damage Restoration

Storms and wind and damage, oh my! Summer storms can bring high winds and with them comes wind damage and wind damage restoration. Here are the top 4 things Dorothy would say about wind damage. 1.  Wind Damage Occurs Below the Roof Most of us think of roof damage when we imagine storm damage, butRead more

Don’t Waste Time! 4 Facts About Hurricane Damage You Need to Know Now

Hurricane season is June through November. So, here we are. Hurricane season. And though Georgia rarely gets a direct hit by a hurricane, living near the coast in the south, most people are all too familiar with the hurricane season and the tropical storms that come with it. But what about hurricane damage to yourRead more

Oh the Insanity! Taking the Crazy Out of Storm Damage Insurance

Storm damage can be daunting, and dealing with the insurance claims can turn into a part-time job for some homeowners. While insurance claims are unavoidable, the insanity is. Here’s how to take the crazy out of storm damage insurance. Know What You’ve Got Having good records of your belongings can really help ease the processRead more