How Long Do Water Damage Repairs Take and Why?

Here’s what you should expect from dreaded water damage repairs. Are water damage repairs on your back-to-school list? Probably not. But if you have water in your house, it’s going to end up at the top of your priority list whether you like it or not. Understanding the ins and outs of dealing with waterRead more

What’s Required for Proper Water Extraction Help When There’s Water in My House?

Why water extraction help is the most important thing you’ll learn about this summer. If you have water in your house, you need water extraction help. It doesn’t matter where the water came from, or why, the restoration process and dealing with the water damage is the same, and extraction is one of the mostRead more

Tips on Water Restoration from Burst Pipes

Need Water Restoration from Burst Pipes? You’re Not Alone. It’s been a cold winter in Georgia! We hope you’re not in need of water restoration from burst pipes, but also know that’s one of the most common calls we get during the winter months. Here’s the lowdown on frozen pipes and the possible after-effects thatRead more

Why Can’t I Manage Water Damage Restoration Myself?

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Are You Making These Water Damages Cleanup Mistakes?

Water damages cleanup is not a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants operation. Are you facing water damage cleanup? It’s one of those things that none of us want to hear about, talk about, or worry about, but if you have a flood or a leak, you can’t just wait and hope it goes away. You can’t do second-rate cleanupRead more

Water Extraction Solutions for the Flood Rookie

Are you prepared for post-flood water extraction? There’s a first time for everything, and that includes water extraction following a flood. Are you a flood rookie? Don’t feel bad, most of us are. Fortunately. But as with many things in life, flooding happens when you least expect it, and often when you’ve finally settled intoRead more

3 Reasons We Should Be Talking About Water Restoration Services

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What You Should Really Be Concerned About With a Flooded Basement

Flooded basement danger is about more than just the water. Basement flooding is bad on so many levels! We can pretty much all agree that’s true. And cleaning it up is horrendous, yes? Yes. But the truth is that it can also be a dangerous situation. Here are some real concerns when it comes toRead more

The Truth About Water Damage Restoration

Water damage restoration in 300 words or less. Water damage can happen so quickly, it’s hard to believe so much can happen in such a short time. Your furniture, belongings, walls and drywall, carpeting, flooring, and more can be destroyed or badly damaged in minutes. And the longer the water sits, the more damage that’sRead more

Knowing These 2 Secrets About Flood Water Removal Just Might Change Your Mind About Doing it Yourself

The real deal about flood water removal, and what you can’t see. Water cleanup in Arizona or Colorado is just a matter of extracting the water and setting up some fans. The dry climate in these states makes water removal a snap! Don’t tell them that, they might not feel the same way. But theRead more