How Flooded Basements Don’t Have to Be the Worst Thing to Happen to You This Year

Can you turn flooded basements into less of a nightmare? Anyone with a floor below ground can tell you there’s nothing quite like flooded basements. It’s a mess and it’s destructive and it’s dangerous and it’s horrible! It can feel like the worst thing to happen to you, maybe ever. Or at least this year. ButRead more

How to Tackle Flooded Basement Cleanup in 6 Easy Steps

Is flooded basement cleanup the worst thing you’ve ever done? Flooded basement cleanup is a big drag. But it doesn’t have to be the thing that pushes you over the edge. It does, however, have to be done right, following precise steps, and using the right techniques to ensure your cleanup is successful and withoutRead more

What You Should Really Be Concerned About With a Flooded Basement

Flooded basement danger is about more than just the water. Basement flooding is bad on so many levels! We can pretty much all agree that’s true. And cleaning it up is horrendous, yes? Yes. But the truth is that it can also be a dangerous situation. Here are some real concerns when it comes toRead more

The Truth About Water Damage Restoration

Water damage restoration in 300 words or less. Water damage can happen so quickly, it’s hard to believe so much can happen in such a short time. Your furniture, belongings, walls and drywall, carpeting, flooring, and more can be destroyed or badly damaged in minutes. And the longer the water sits, the more damage that’sRead more

Knowing These 2 Secrets About Flood Water Removal Just Might Change Your Mind About Doing it Yourself

The real deal about flood water removal, and what you can’t see. Water cleanup in Arizona or Colorado is just a matter of extracting the water and setting up some fans. The dry climate in these states makes water removal a snap! Don’t tell them that, they might not feel the same way. But theRead more

How These 3 Things Will Change Your Perspective About Flood Cleanup

Think flood cleanup is easy? Think again. A minor flood happens to most of us at some point in our lives. Whether it’s a leak under the kitchen sink or a broken pipe in the basement, flood cleanup is, most likely, in your future. The surprising thing is that flood cleanup is harder than itRead more

What to Do When the Need for Water Damage Repair Sneaks Up on You

Don’t be afraid of water damage repair. You hardly ever anticipate the need for water damage repair. It’s not like you talk to your neighbors about the broken pipe you’re expecting, or the leaky roof that you’re waiting for, or the deluge of water from the freak storm that’s been on your mind. Nope, weRead more

Need Some Wet Basement Solutions? Read This Before Taking Action

Which wet basement solutions would work for you? In humid Georgia we are all too aware of humid and wet basements. But what can you really do about them? You need some wet basement solutions! Before you do anything, read this for some great ideas. Gutter Extensions Really? Yep. Sometimes it can be that simple.Read more