Why Is Smoke Damage Smell Removal Such a Big Deal?

Find out how to make smoke damage smell removal successful.

Smoke Damage Smell RemovalWho would imagine that smoke damage smell removal would be one of the most important steps in fire damage clean up? Most people think damage from the flames and the water would be the biggest obstacle to returning to their homes after a fire, but the truth is the smoke can make your home unlivable—even after the rest of the damage has been cleaned up.

What's the Story with Fire Smoke?

Fire smoke has a very distinct odor. When you imagine summer parties with a fire pit or camping with a campfire, and you feel nostalgic about the smell of the smoke, that's not what we're talking about. The smell left behind after a house fire is beyond description. It is overwhelming, and not in a good way.

Fire smoke is made up of particles, both airborne solids and liquids that were emitted when the fuel burned. The fuel, in most cases, consists of the structural material of the home and the furniture, appliances, textiles, carpeting, flooring, and other items in the house. When these materials combust, the by-product of the burn is the smoke and soot.

When there is a lot of oxygen in a fire, there is less smoke which means less soot and residue. When there is less oxygen, the result is more soot, which is often made up of toxic compounds. Not only are they dangerous to people when inhaled or when they come in contact with skin, but they are incredibly corrosive and can break down materials quickly after the fire is out.

Why Is That Smoke Smell Everywhere?

Smoke Damage Smell RemovalBecause smoke is made up of the airborne particles of whatever burned in the fire, it moves through your house and gets everywhere. Anything the smoke touches is going to have smoke residue on it. And where there's smoke residue, there's smoke odor.

There are different types of residue and various odors that go along with them. When organic materials, such as paper and wood, burn they leave behind a dusty ash that can be cleaned up rather easily. It often smells somewhat of a campfire, with that recognizable and not unpleasant smoke odor. The particles are very small and can move in the air into small spaces, including under flooring and behind walls.

Protein fires, such as those in a kitchen fire, leaves behind a greasy residue. This is harder to clean up and has a more pungent smell.

Synthetics, which are ever present in most homes, not only in plastic furniture, toys, and kitchenware, but also in carpeting, wallpaper, paints, furniture, textiles, and even appliances, are the most toxic when burned. The smoke carries poisonous gasses and can be incredibly dangerous, not to mention they can leave behind a hideous mess.

The smoke residue from synthetic materials is thick and smeary and sticks to everything. It takes special tools and training to clean up this type of fire damage. And worst of all, the smell is strong and incredibly hard to get rid of because of the way the particles stick to surfaces.

How Is Smoke Damage Cleaned Up?

Smoke damage is one of the worst parts of a house fire. When smoke is left behind, if it's not treated and cleaned properly, it can make a house unlivable. There have been known cases of homeowners choosing to tear down a house and start over due to the overwhelming smell of smoke that can't be treated because it wasn't dealt with properly in the first place.

Smoke Damage Experts in Atlanta

Smoke damage removal is a science and a skill and requires professional expertise. There are a number of reliable products and tools that can assist in the process, including degreaser, odor counter-activator, ozone generators, air purification systems, and air filtration devices. The first step is to clean the residue up manually followed by air cleaning systems and processes to rid the home and the air inside of the smoke particles.

Smoke from a house fire is one of the strongest odors you will experience, and it's a smell you will never forget. But instead of just living with it, get the proper clean-up and treatment so you can live in your home as you did before the fire disaster. To find out more, contact our team of experts at Can-Restore for help with smoke damage smell removal by calling (770) 735-2695.